Product – Release Management

Product - Release Management

We provide expert services in product life cycle management through its induction, growth, maturity and decline stages. We provide expert advises on extending product life cycle with upgrades. Our services include:

Product marketing

  • Product differentiation
  • Product naming and branding
  • Conducting customer feedback and enabling (pre-production, beta software)
  • Analysis of the competition

Product development

  • Testing
  • Identifying new product candidates
  • Gathering the voice of customers
  • Defining product requirements
  • Determining business-case and feasibility
  • Scoping and defining new products at high level
  • Building product road maps,  technology road maps
  • Developing all products on schedule, working to a critical path
  • Ensuring products are up to specifications
  • Optimizing cost of components and procedures.

We offer Release management  services – managing, planning, scheduling and controlling software build through different stages and environments; including testing and deploying software releases to support agile software development and continuous delivery.