Surveyor Roads

Surveyor Roads is a simple graphical software for road and tank works of Panchayat Raj / R&B / PW Departments of India. Cross Sections, Area Calculations, Longitudinal Sections, Abstracts are now at your finger tips. Specially designed for A.Es / J.Es / D.Es / E.Es / Contractors.

Surveyor Roads
  • You need not have computer knowledge. All products will be simple and flexible especially designed for non computer people.
  • 100 Sections Per hour
  • You can print on Graph Sheets.
  • You can set your own custom scales
  • Provision for both patch & tank works
  • Auto final levels
    Upto 5 digit accuracy for layer calculations
  • No Plug ins & No Other Software Support is needed
  • You can adjust your datum board sizes and fields
  • Automatic Toe Points
  • Reusable input from Estimation to Bill
  • You can save your work in separate files.
  • Abstracts for E/W and for Layers
  • Level Check Sheets
  • Longitudinal Section Graphs
  • Quantity Adjustments
  • Accurate Area Calculations
  • Can handle Pre Levels and Final Levels at different scales
  • Online Graph Editing
  • Feedback and Area display facilities while editing
  • Multiple Graphs per Page (To save the stationary)
  • Auto scaling in multiple graphs
  • Auto font formatting in multiple graphs
  • Graph Saving facilities as Bitmaps / GIF / JPEG
    And many more..